Short Stories

Fire Escape” in Evergreen Review

“Penis Bucket and Fried Chicken” in Joyland


Features | Op-eds

“When Doctors Become Long Covid Patients” in the Guardian

My Life as an ER Doctor during the Pandemic” in the Guardian

Do Not Resuscitate” in the New York Times

“I Grew Up without DACA . . . ” in Quartz

“Why People Vote Against Themselves” in openDemocracy

“The America We Live in Now” in Rumpus

“We Don’t Have to Be Heroes” in Medpage


Personal Essays

Intimacy Six Feet Apart” in Epiphany

Becoming an Odd Woman” in Epiphany

How to Survive a Snow Country” in Epiphany

Page of Wands” in Epiphany

The Fifth Reason” in Epiphany


Literary | Cultural Criticism

“If I Had Your Face” in Epiphany

Is it Cultural Appropriation or Radical Empathy?” in Epiphany


Travel Writing

Learning to Ask: a Patagonian Adventure” in Outpost

“Lunch in the Time of Cholera” in Hemispheres



Hawa Allan in Epiphany

Anna Qu in BOMB

Sameer Pandya in Epiphany

Rachel Lyon in Epiphany

Lara Vapnyar in Epiphany

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